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Our Great Products is an online product review service that lets you compare the variety of products to make a good decision before buying any online product or service. As a company we believe in truth between you and us so that’s why we ensure that our contents are always accurate and trustable.

What do we offer in our reviews

to learn the pros and cons of a given product
to find out if the product is meant for them
to find out if the product is of high quality and easy to use
to find out about alternative solutions
to find out about other users’ experiences with the product
to ultimately learn if the product is worth buying.

Quality matters

Our objective is to inform consumers and help them make the right buying decision. Sure, we can simply tell you what our top picks are and hope that you trust us. Instead, we invest the time, money, and energy digging to find out what really matters. Each time you read one of our new pages, you will leave more informed than when you arrived.

We will not just present our top overall choice. Nobody understands more than us that there’s no single best choice for everyone, so we also find the top choice that matches your specific situation. And we make these choices based on facts and input from experts.

We review categories, not items

One problem with websites that only provide individual product reviews is that you aren’t actually getting a comparison of all the products within a category. How many times have you been on Amazon, trying to gauge a consensus opinion by manually comparing products to each other? These reviews typically occur in a vacuum – they’re focused on the product, but not a host of alternatives. Let’s be clear: we aren’t trying to compete with Amazon. Our reviews provide context for making a better choice based on all available options. This approach allows us to provide more actionable advice to consumers.

Truth matters

Our picks are not swayed by advertising dollars, or company partnerships. There’s a reason we go through an extensive process — it’s to uncover the truth and convey that to our readers. To put in the time and effort building relationships and compiling proprietary data, only to sell out at the end of our process, would be pointless. We’re looking to do more than that.

We rely solely on research to make our top picks. Each category we review is different. For example, we won’t actually be taste-testing the various dog food brands, but we may send samples to an independent testing agency to confirm what is in the food is on the package. When we review physical products, we get our hands on those products. If it’s software, we download the picks and run them through tests.

Our ability to continue reviewing and updating new categories hinges on credibility, and how useful the content is to you. If we’re aiding you in purchasing the best product, then we consider it a job well done.


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