The best page for headaches and neck pain

My wife suffers from terrible headaches and neck pain caused by a herniated disk and pinched nerve. She has seen doctors and they did what they could but they ultimately wanted her to have neck surgery. She did not want to do this. So, I started researching the internet, and I found a page that has helped us more than anything else.

I guess the author of this page (Steven Luke) had also been suffering with the same kind of pain. He says he researched the topic for a very long time. The information he found is top notch. He gives many different approaches, and only recommends something if he has tried it himself. All of the products are effective or he wouldn’t put them on the page. The reason, from what I can gather, is because his website is a knowledgebase. It’s kind of like storing information in your brain to be remembered later, but in this case it is all stored on a website. This is a very good idea for two reasons. People forget things and the word can get out to more people.

My wife read the advice that he offered. She bought the magnesium lotion, the lidocaine cream, and the doterra essential oil. The first day using these products was a new day. What I mean is it made her feel so much better it was like a new lease on life. The magnesium lotion relaxes your muscles. When you have a pinched nerve it will cause muscle spasms. These muscle spasms are also painful and multiply the pain. This is described by doctors as a cycle of pain. By using magnesium oil you can stop the spasms, and stop the cycle.

The other thing she bought that he recommended was Numb 520 cream that is 5% Lidocaine cream. This can be rubbed on and when it soaks into your skin it provides instant relief to that area. It works VERY well.

All of these things work extremely well either separate or together. My wife actually has times where it is more conventient to use the lidocaine, and other times to use the essential oil. The name of the website is, and you can click this link to Headache and Neck Pain Relief to go there now.